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Adflare has something unique for every publisher.

We provide innovative, high paying (and fast paying) publisher monetization solutions.

Revenue (MM)

Our passion is to build flexible, bleeding-edge offerings with emerging technologies (AI, machine learning) to boost earnings for our publishers whilst maintaining quality traffic for our partners.

Need better returns from your website? Want 65%* better earnings than running with a single ad network (like AdSense) or by managing slow waterfall passbacks?

Want to implement simple ad units which see Google AdX and other premium networks, advertisers and agencies compete for your inventory in real-time?

If so, Adflare are uniquely placed to help. A company bringing Header Bidding and other cutting edge monetization solutions to everyone.

*More for publishers looking for a fully managed solution

Let's get started!

Shopping Comparison Feeds

Our technology powers some of the world’s largest price comparison websites. Our XML and JSON meta feeds deliver unrivalled coverage and returns across most markets, paying out within 30 days.


We offer various display based solutions, combining new bidding methodologies with network relationships to deliver additional yields for our publishers.


We provide XML Search Feeds and Hosted SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Like our other services, this offering benefits from higher revenues given our in-house smart filtering platform.


We provide in-article, in-feed and native video ads. These solutions provide many of our publishers with a substantial new revenue stream that sits alongside existing monetization.

We are digital monetization experts with decades of experience driving exceptional returns for publishers, advertisers and network partners. With a deep understanding in an array of ad technologies spanning search, display and video across mobile and desktop.

We provide solutions to help all publishers make additional revenue. Our main product surrounds Header Bidding (discussed here) but we also offer other monetization solutions (shopping resultspaid search), full managed ad operationsagency services (ROI focused traffic buying), traffic filtering.


  • > 1Bn Ad Impressions (end 2016)
  • Average increase AdX over Adsense CPM – 30%
  • Average Fill-Rate – 99.9% (US market)
  • Based in UK, US & Dubai

Our Experience Is Unique

Our staff are truly amazing and often recognised for their specialism in the industry. Many are ex-Yahoo, Microsoft and Google and they’ve worked on the technology that delivers paid and algorithmic listings to billions of people each day.

We Understand Business

We are very active in the start-up industry, invited by accelerators like TechStars (as featured in their series on Bloomberg TV) to help new ventures maximise their advertising budgets. We try to understand all of clients businesses ahead of doing anything else.

We Are Personal

We believe the best relationship is a personal one. If you need our help we’ll be there 24/7, providing friendly service and explaining everything we do.

Contact Us

Don’t be shy, some of our best partnerships have come out of the strangest requests!

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