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Since 2015, Adflare has offered something unique for every publisher.

We provide innovative, high paying (and fast paying) publisher monetization solutions.

Revenue (MM)

Our passion is to build flexible, bleeding-edge offerings with emerging technologies (AI, machine learning) to boost earnings for our publishers whilst maintaining quality traffic for our partners.

Need better returns from your website? Want 65%* better earnings than running with a single ad network (like AdSense) or by managing slow waterfall passbacks?

Want to implement simple ad units which see Google AdX and other premium networks, advertisers and agencies compete for your inventory in real-time?

If so, Adflare are uniquely placed to help. A company bringing Header Bidding and other cutting edge monetization solutions to everyone.

*More for publishers looking for a fully managed solution

Let's get started!

What is Header Bidding?

Header bidding, also known as advance or pre-bidding, is a technology wherein publishers offer their inventory to multiple ad exchanges, advertisers and agencies simultaneously. The idea is by letting multiple buyers bid on the same inventory at the same time, in real-time, there’s more competition driving up the auction pressure and a chance to serve each impression at a higher CPM rate, meaning more revenue.

Why are Publishers flocking to our Header Bidding display solution?

Access to Networks

We already have access to the largest networks, agencies and direct advertisers with favorable contractual terms.

Managed or Not?

We can provide you ad units or we can go a step further and manage your existing ad operations whilst assisting with other elements of your online strategy.

Adflare Dashboard

Monitor your ads and see how we outperform previous solutions.

Advanced Tracking

We provide granular reporting by traffic source – so you can see what traffic source generates you the best return by using utm_source etc

Increased Competition

We remove your reliance on a single network or waterfall setup. Competing in real-time, fill-rates and CPMs are boosted as networks fight for every impression.

Premium Quality Ads

We work with premium publishers and believe our ads should reflect that – we won’t work with any advertiser, agency or network who doesn’t meet our standards.

Eliminate Passbacks

Simultaneous bids from all partners boosts inventory value.

Customized Solutions

Every website is unique – our solutions are the same.

Cross Platform

Fully mobile optimized and compatible

Access to AdX

AdX gives you access to more advertisers than Adsense. Publishers have seen revenues increase just by switching to AdX alone.

Fanatical 24/7 Support

Real people are just an email or call away. If you’re serving our ads, we’re serving you!

Seamless Integration

We’re ready to get your website live, however complicated your existing setup may be. We have simple plug and play code – all the complicated stuff is done this side.

+65% Revenue

We’ve seen dramatic increases for all our publishers over existing Adsense implementations.

Who are we?

Four years ago we started Adflare. Behind the scenes are digital monetization experts with decades of experience driving exceptional returns for publishers, advertisers and network partners. With a deep understanding in an array of ad technologies spanning search, display and video across mobile and desktop.

We provide solutions to help all publishers make additional revenue. Our main product surrounds Header Bidding (discussed here) but we also offer other monetization solutions (shopping results, paid search), full managed ad operations, agency services (ROI focused traffic buying), traffic filtering.

  • > 1Bn Ad Impressions (end 2016)
  • Average increase AdX over Adsense CPM – 30%
  • Average Fill-Rate – 99.9% (US market)
  • Based in UK, US & Dubai

Adflare is a collaboration between a number of veteran marketers and technologists with a truly outstanding record in delivering measurable and sustainable ROI for publishers and advertisers.

We’ve blended experts in ad sales, digital strategy, and ad tech to create a business with unique characteristics, genuinely able to drive outstanding returns for publishers, ad networks, and advertisers.

We understand search, display and video across mobile and desktop, and bring a global perspective developed over a lifetime working in digital media.

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