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Need better returns from your website and would like to try Google AdX (Doubleclick Ad Exchange)?

If so, Adflare are uniquely placed to help. We will champion your properties to open your ad spaces to additional competition from AdX, the world’s largest ad exchange.

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Why Adflare?

Many companies provide AdX services but few have the flexibility of our offering. We currently work with companies implementing AdX via DFP (with UTM tracking), within real-time header bidding systems and, of course, directly. This, coupled with real-time reporting is why Adflare has become the natural choice for small and large publishers seeking the benefits of Google Ad Exchange.

Who are we?

We provide solutions to help all publishers make additional revenue. We also offer header bidding, other monetization solutions (shopping results, paid search), full managed ad operations, agency services (ROI focused traffic buying), traffic filtering.

  • > 1Bn Ad Impressions (end 2016)
  • Average increase AdX over Adsense CPM – 30%
  • Average Fill-Rate – 99.9% (US market)
  • Based in UK, US & Dubai

Adflare is a collaboration between a number of veteran marketers and technologists with a truly outstanding record in delivering measurable and sustainable ROI for publishers and advertisers.

We’ve blended experts in ad sales, digital strategy, and ad tech to create a business with unique characteristics, genuinely able to drive outstanding returns for publishers, ad networks, and advertisers.

We understand search, display and video across mobile and desktop, and bring a global perspective developed over a lifetime working in digital media.

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