Adflare Smart Bidder for Publishers

At Adflare we never stand still. That’s why we’ve introduced our new Smart Bidder for Publishers technology. We’re all about maximising the value we bring to our publisher partners. That means driving the best returns whether you’re a web site publisher, a video publisher, or an app developer.

Revenue Increase

Drive more revenue by introducing more competition for your ad space

Easy to Integrate

Easy integration – just a few lines of code

Intuitive Reporting

On-Demand reporting and ad configuration

Introducing Smart Bidder from Adflare

As a content publisher or application developer you already recognise the importance of generating the best returns from your display format ad space. As digital advertising gets ever more advanced, it’s very difficult for publishers to keep on top of the myriad of technologies and market players that will combine to offer the best returns. Content experts are often not best placed to try and deal with the complexities of advertising technology at the same time as trying to focus on every other aspect of their business. That’s where Adflare comes in.

We constantly develop our technology solutions and ad partnerships so that we can offer our publishers the best advice and the best solutions. Our new Smart Bidder solution combines years of experience in display monetization, with a growing set of ad network, advertiser, and agency relationships. This powerful combination delivers outstanding revenue returns for publishers and developers across all vertical and geographic markets.

So What is It?

Smart Bidder is our in-house solution delivering what’s known as advanced programmatic ad serving. To cut through the jargon, here’s how it works. For every page impression you serve, we send a real-time request back to multiple ad exchanges, and allow a real-time auction to happen in the blink of an eye [or even a bit quicker!]. It’s totally transparent to you, but what it means is that each ad exchange will bid for your ad impression. Each request to an ad exchange is sent in parallel with a cut-off time. This means your page renders faster than traditional approaches and only the fastest ad exchanges with the best bids win the race to serve ads to your visitor. Unlike in more traditional display environments where you may work with only a single advertising partner, you are selling your impression to dozens of partners all vying for your business. More than 25% of the top 1000 domains use a form of header bidding so you can be sure you’re in good company.

It’s probably obvious by now that this leads to better CPMs, higher fill rates and optimal targeting. How much better? Well, it depends on lots of variables, but at Adflare it’s not uncommon for us to see 30 to 40% improvements in revenue return. Now that’s a great deal for both of us!

How does it work?

Adflare Smart Bidder is an evolving technology platform that undergoes continual improvement in order to continually optimise returns for our Publishers. That all happens in the background, leaving you, the Publisher, to enjoy amazing returns, without any additional effort. Implementation is a breeze. We use a technique known as “header bidding” where we create a small snippet of code across your site. That code then links you to the Smart Bidder platform, and immediately enters your ad impressions into the auction. Over time, our advanced platform learns more about your content, your audience, and your visitor behaviour, constantly working to optimise returns.

Download the Smart Bidder PDF for more details.

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